Sea Dawg's Reign

by The Scurvy Crew

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released January 22, 2015






all rights reserved


Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew West Palm Beach, Florida

This is the bandcamp for Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew, the world's number one pirate hip hop group.

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Track Name: I Be the Captain
been terrorizing the navy
spending dubloons out in haiti
merchant captains be seen me coming
and go overboard, hoping to swim to safety

I’m hanging w ladies
they foam at the mouth just like they all got rabies
I must be on Maury cause they think somehow I’m the dad of their babies

sea dawg, the cutthroat
got wenches so wet that I’m wearing a raincoat’
my style so ill that you hear it and start to develop a serious sore throat

I be the captain
ye best be strapped in
cause this ride is going
straight to the top

Captain Dan’s not coming back, so quit asking’
I left him marooned with a bleeding neck, gasping
these waters be darker than ever
i’m cruising the seas looking for limbs to sever
I’m done with eyepatches
and once I find my matches
I’ll burn this studio down and turn it in to fucking ashes
there’s still wind in these sails
step to me, I’ll take out your entrails
I’ll bottle your brain oil and burn it for light like I’ve done to the whales

I be the captain
ye best be strapped in
cause this ride is going
straight to the top
Track Name: All Hands on Deck

i kick back a clap o thunder
unstoppable, comical, volatile
style phenomenal
ruling the tropical
with no blunder
it’s what i’ll get
by sword or by bet
by threat or by death
by blond or brunette
i’ll rob a string quartet
and make them so upset

sea dawg
back in action
pirate hat, eyepatch
the best there is in fashion
cool as the arctic
spit fire like a dragon
takin all the ships down with absolutely no compassion

I’ll shoot you for your money
I dont need to cheat ya
got so many black marks
you think I’m a cheetah
all hands on deck
all hands on deck

skills unsurpassed
get ye higher than a mizzenmast
words heavy like a ballast
back on the scene at last
all hands on deck
all hands on deck


Ye she blows, SinistAAArgh spit crazy flows yeah I bet your whole navy knows
I'm a loose cannon when I'm seasick
Pirate hat leather vest
Two eye patches on a search for the treasure chest
This scalawag is known to play his own part
My swords sharp and I got it locked like Davy Jones heart
I won't stop once I start so behold the doom
I unleash, ready to feast with two gold doubloons
Too many sea creatures I fought for rank
Overboard or under pressure, had to walk the plank
I made the kraken my bitch in front his mermaids and stuffed his ass in the smallest tank

ye got guts ye say
My cutlass here will put them on display
all over the gangway
fly smooth like a manta ray
every day
shock you hard like a moray
eel with guns and rope and sharpened steel
enemy ranks thinned
while i’m three sheets to the wind
hear me har har as yer lights dim
Track Name: Port Royal


Ye favorite tropical getaway, ye hit of jay of the finest seaweed as I sip sit and play
A game of cards with maties, group of fine ladies
When your at port royal you're always at ur prime baby
This ship ain't the love boat, prostitutes, cutthroats
Sweet aroma in the air is the scent of gun smoke
Any one can partake, no one cares about ur birthdate
We partied hard were the reason for the earthquake

the best party on the seven seas
if you can't drink rum ye better leave
where we party til dawn
got all the tavern wenches singing our song.


the kings are back
they’ve entered in the building
I’m not kidding every shilling
in this city comes through me
so let’s party
no time for parlay
in port royal every day is a bar day
drinkin rum shots, I’m seein dots
playing cards, what’s that i hear, gunshots
great, sailors i swindled by the docks
I dive behind the bar, and draw me flintlock
I fire back, return the attack
toss a grenadoe, puttin enemies in peril
they scramble, i’m too much to handle
I take a gulp of grog
from a nearby punctured barrel
I stab a man, throw him right through a window
every time i squeeze my trigger a woman becomes a widow
any attack on me will always fail
and these dead men will tell no tales

the best party on the seven seas
if you can't drink rum ye better leave
where we party til dawn
got all the tavern wenches singing our song.

lacking in innocents
we got a brothel for every 10 citizens
Going down to high street
also known as my street
to sling another bag of sea weeds
next stop on fisher’s row
to get it on with a wench I know
once I’m done with her
I’ve got throats to slit
crimes to commit
and this night won’t quit
Track Name: Jailbreakin'
Jail breakin’

I be sneaking and creepin
cause i plan on releasin
the murderous mad davy flint
who got pinched for some reason
a dangerous pirate and ally o’ mine
he made a name for hisself
by killin navy men at the age o’ nine
I’m slittin throats of the guards
so they don’t sound the alarms
I’m goin solo, cause i’m loco
dress like a man I killed, relieve another of his post
jailbreaikin maximum security on the barbary coast

jail breakin
we be jail breakin
gettin back whats ours that was taken

Drop these shackles and chains - Thank ye kindly for the help
But I was half-way done chewing - through the cell bars myself
I’m Mad Davy Flint - got my crew’s back - to the death
Cold day in hell when ye’ll see me take my last breath

anywhere you find me its a granted that im wreaking havvock
slayed 37 soldiers - with nothing but a haddock
Never need a blade Use anything around me
Club your crew with a beggar child - if you surround me
Some people say - a screw or two is loose
but ye’ll never see me swing from a hangman’s noose

jail breakin
we be jail breakin
getting back what’s our’s that was taken

Alarm bells! Blast! we gotta move -SD
we high tailin down corridors- Davy
bein pursued
we gotta elude
an entire battalion
and kill a few on our way back to the galleon -SD

no time to fight, only hit and run
Knock your head in with my shackle lock before you grab your gun
crashing through the mess hall spitting heat
Steal the turkey leg your ass was just about to eat
Snap the thing in half when Im done with me meal
Weilding two bone daggars you’re about to feel
One in a throat and another in a temple
Sorry but the tryptophan makes me tempermental

Bustin out the gate
Not a moment too late
There’s no man on me crew you can incarcerate
Racing down the beach gun shots right behind
This plan’s a little different than I designed
stayin ahead of the soldiers we’re evading
back at the ship, got a row of cannons waiting
they blast, killing all who pursue
and then we sail off into the icy blue
Track Name: Gods of the Sea (feat. Poseidon)

Mess with me, yer life will be shortly departing
I’ve killed more people you love
than george RR martin
I’m like a surgeon’s hand
very steady with power
and every day i’m blood soaked for at least 8 hours
you’ve never seen such high seas villainy
I be sacking forts with unprecedented brilliancy
feel no sympathy
I give no clemency
my cannons fire so bright that even those in heaven see

Make way for the gods of the sea
the gods of the mic every day every night
gods of the rhyme
gods of the waves
stand in our way and you cannot be saved
Make way for the gods of the sea
the gods of the mic every day every night
gods of the rhyme
gods of waves
stand in our way and you cannot be saved

I capture enemies with such little effort
my words bring em down, cause they be so clever
I keep em in the brig and take i their treasure
call me frank herbert cause
I drop em off on a desert
island, i like diamonds
finding them across the world
wherever they be hiding
hittin every syllable in every verse with perfect timing
now lets hear from my cohort poseidon.


I arise! From the waves like a giant
Think you wanna battle? Well, I hope you try it
Ask the Trojans, Athenians, King Minos
Ajax, and Odysseus who they fear most

I'm the Earth-Shaker, the horse tamer, game-changer
I'm no stranger to great danger
You say your rhymes are like cannons? I say bring 'em
Let it be known this will always be Neptune's Kingdom

Nerites! Hitch my chariot to the hippocampus
Fetch me a snack—a great white or a grampus
Hoist the canvas on my fleet of triremes
Let's show these barbarians I'm as mean as I seem

As I leave Atlantis in search of gemstones
and pearls and gold to adorn my throne, I hear the tones
of the poems Homer wrote long ago, but I’ll be singing new songs
over your sunken bones


I used to hang out on Mount Olympus
with Zeus and Ares and all those wimps; us
gods have gotten just a wee bit slack
Humans conquered the world, now I'm taking it back

I attack with my lyrical trident
In avatar form I can be quite strident
They say divine powers come from those who believe
Well, I believe in myself and that's all I need


Me crew has always been known to be the deadliest squad
and now on the ships roster a legit ancient god
if the land turns against us, we turn it into a pyre
cause those who control the sea command the world entire
Track Name: Pimp the Wenches (feat. King Pheenix)
yar it’s gotta be sea dawg every single day
got different wenches chokin’ on me saber every single way
they dig a man with power
every hour
stroke me like they packin a musket with gunpowder
they like the way i dip
they clinging to my hip
girl tellin me
“I really like your ship”
a pirate’s life for me
now sit back relax, and hear mad king phee

Been short time since I've seen the harbor

My minds behind, admiring port and starboard

sorry my bones,got you looking kind of cross girl

Looking to drop treasure in daisy Jones locker

Got ya cross aye­d, more flash than the muzzle lit

mead guzzle it, find love,where the trouble is

dirty, dozen gripped, I'm nasty past means

crash the gaslight, party where a lass leans

When we're on the shore
on the dance floor
everywhere we go
wench you's a ho

want a lady that’s quiet, or ye prefer a yeller?
collecting money all day like I am a bank teller
Pimpin wenches, they say it aint easy,
unless you’re sea d a double u g
I’ll pimp your friend, your sister, your wife
I been inside more wenches than the dream of a better life.
time with one o’ mine
it ain’t free
give the shillings to the wench and
dontcha even look at me
don’t get rough and leave a single mark
I never sleep and I sense blood like a shark
you bruise one of my girls
then you’re history
i’ll cut the top off your skull and use it as a frisbee
while I drink whiskey
let the dogs chew it up then go and kill every member of your family
what calamity, such brutality
killing and pimpin are part of my personality
Track Name: Get that Gold (feat. Black Dog Nate)
got too many jewels to fit inside a single chest

i let the riches pour onto the floor of the deck

dubloons, diamonds, rubies, and silver

it’s fitting I’m sittin eating chicken on piles of riches I pilfered

women smitten by fine linens, words i be spittin

robbin from the richest most prestigious merchants outta britain

all girls eye these jewels, even your bitch

got so much coin, people call me filthy fuckin rich

other privateers know

jealous, those guys

my ship’s so laden with gems

folks mistake it for a sunrise

and are blinded

for the rest of their lives

and now none of them can see

their house, dog, or family,


the world’s leading cause of vision loss is me

it’s why they invented optometry

I make money viciously

through thievery,

my foes frozen stiff like they got muscular dystrophy

Sea Dawg

we sail

get that gold get that gold get that gold

get that gold

get that gold get that gold get that gold


get that gold get that gold get that gold

there’s gold, you say?
best get out of my way
‘cause Black Dog Nate brooks no delay

I’m on a quest for gold, and with a little bit of luck
I’ll get so much you’ll be thunderstruck
you all suck
‘cause you’re stuck in the muck
while I’m swimmin’ in doubloons like Scrooge McDuck

gonna sail the briny
to collect the shiny
leave a trail of empty treasuries behind me

don’t want your jewels, your silver or satin
just gimme that aurum (that’s gold in Latin)

gonna steal it all, or as much as I’m able
gonna pile it higher than the Tower of Babel
can’t spin it out of straw; this ain’t no fable
number seventy-nine on the periodic table

I break the mold
can’t be controlled
it’s been foretold
I’m gonna get that gold


I command more brigantines than any kings or queens

you can see a dozen off em right off my starboard beam

I’ve got piles of Escudo from Portugal,

so many pieces of eight, they are hardly transportable

spanish reals,

loot from successful steals,

this doesn’t even seem real

i got a tankard worth more than entire ports

bought it with the blood of a hundred lives cut short

I’m drinking down black rum by the quart
while I steal everything you’ve got in your fort


merchants be travelin with armed escort

cause while we be alive

sailing be a contact sport

my day is done
hardly had to fire my gun
but I increased my treasure by about a ton
it’s so bright
stacked to an incredible height
enough to excite any pirate’s appetite
so what’ll I do with the rest of my night?

Take a hit of this seaweed it'll treat ye right.

twelve hours later I roll out of bed
feels like a cannon went off in my head
my blood runs cold
there’s nothing in the hold
damn you, Sea Dawg, you got my gold!